Lawmaker Renews Call to Impeach Judge

justice-scalesOhio state legislator John Becker is renewing demands that federal judge Timothy Black be impeached, according to  a report on the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s news website.   The threat followed Judge Black’s indication in recent days that he would strike down Ohio’s ban on recognizing marriages for same-sex couples that were performed in other states.

Becker also called for Black’s impeachment last year, following the judge’s ruling that Ohio must recognize marriages of  same-sex couples legally performed elsewhere, when issuing death certificates (see Gavel Grab).  Becker is the sole sponsor of a resolution in the Ohio House calling on the U.S. House to impeach Black.  In a statement issued by his office, Becker accused Black of being influenced by “personal political bias” in his rulings, according to the website.  But the president of the Cincinnati bar association, quoted in the same piece, maintained that Black was upholding the Constitution, not violating it.  Click here for more on impeachment threats against judges.


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