Gavel Grab

Wednesday Gavel Grab Briefs

In these other dispatches about fair and impartial courts:

  • Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus wrote that when a Supreme Court justice is weighing the timing of a retirement decision, the appearance of “undue politicization of an entity supposedly above politics, of gaming the system for ideological ends,” ought to be among competing concerns considered.
  • State court systems often are slow to embrace the digital era, yet Massachusetts courts are launching a pilot program to permit attorneys to file legal papers electronically, the Boston Globe reported. It quoted an expert at the National Center for State Courts, a JAS partner organization, about the need for investment money to help courts take a “big leap forward.”
  • The National Judicial College, a JAS partner organization, awarded former Rutherford County (Tenn.) Judge Don R. Ash its Advancement of Justice Award, according to The Daily News Journal.
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