With Court Order, Judges Let Themselves Pack Firearms

OhioFlag1With incidents of violence security threats on the rise in court buildings, four Court of Appeals judges in Ohio have authorized themselves to carry guns in and outside of the courtroom.

A WOUB news report said the judges, in an order, exempted themselves from a requirement for firearms training and for holding a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

The court order said protecting judges beyond routine work hours and beyond the courthouse is critical.

Timm Fautsko, Principle Court Management Consultant for the National Center for State Courts, said court safety is important and challenging. He also had reservations about whether it’s the best practice for judges to carry firearms.

“Anyone carrying a weapon needs to get certified and properly trained. If a judge wants to use a weapon, they need to get certified and properly trained in order to use it,” Fautsko said. The National Center for State Courts is a Justice at Stake partner organization. A Columbus Dispatch article was headlined, “Judges authorize themselves to carry weapons without permit.”

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