Federal Judge Slammed Over Immigration Injunction

Brownsville, Texas

A little more than a day after a federal judge’s ruling (see Gavel Grab) ordered a temporary halt to one of President Obama’s immigration plans, the judge has come under criticism from some detractors.

In the Washington Post, columnist Ruth Marcus lamented what Judge Andrew S. Hanen’s ruling “says about the depressing politicization of the federal judiciary; second, and related, what it suggests about the conservative face of judicial activism.”

A New York Times editorial, headlined “A Judge’s Assault on Immigration,” said Judge Hanen recently “invoked a biblical flood in describing illegal immigration into that community,” and “his earlier opinions were the reason Republican governors and attorneys general pushed to get their suit into his district.”

On Tuesday afternoon, protestors gathered in front of the Brownsville, Texas court building where Judge Hanen sits, according to The Brownsville Herald. 

Judge Hanen issued on Monday an injunction temporarily blocking Obama’s program that would shield millions of immigrants living in the United States illegally from deportation. According to a Washington Post news article, the judge’s ruling underscored broad challenges for Obama:

“Along with the immigration action, the fate of two of Obama’s other signature initiatives — a landmark health-care law and a series of aggressive executive actions on climate change — now rests in the hands of federal judges.”