Judge in Immigration Case Described as ‘Conservative but Fair-Minded’

U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen of BrownsvilleA federal judge in Texas, who made big news when he ordered a temporary halt to one of President Obama’s immigration plans (see Gavel Grab), is the subject of an intriguing New York Times profile.

Regarding District Judge Andrew S. Hanen, the Times reports, “Advocates for immigrants who want to see the president’s initiatives go forward have portrayed Judge Hanen, 61, as a right-wing crank. But in Texas he is known as a conservative but fair-minded jurist with keen analytical intelligence — and a jovial sense of humor, even when he is in black robes.”

Judge Hanen sits in Brownsville, roughly a mile from the Rio Grande. The president has voiced confidence that ultimately, and despite the judge’s ruling, his administration will defeat legal challenges to the plan.