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Washington Post: Abolish Entire System for Electing Judges

washington-supreme-court-building-washington-d-c-dc169Editorializing favorably about the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Williams-Yulee vs. The Florida Bar, the Washington Post said further action is needed to protect our courts from partisan and special-interest influence:

“Of course, as we have argued before, it would be even better to abolish the entire system of electing judges and appoint them instead, but that is not happening any time soon.

“Judges are supposed to be above the fray while politicians are in the middle of it. There’s good reason to treat them differently. Judges should not be grubbing for cash, while campaign donations and fundraising are deeply entrenched in American political culture.”

The court upheld a Florida ban on direct campaign cash solicitation by judicial candidates. Other commentary and reporting included, Washington Post “Monkey Cage” blog, “The Supreme Court said judges can’t solicit campaign contributions. This probably won’t matter”; DeSoto (Ms.) Times-Tribune opinion, “Judicial elections: Art imitates life in recent Supreme Court case”;  USA Today, “From Chief Justice Roberts, a liberal dose of independence“; and The Hill blog, “A slim victory for judicial campaign speech codes.”

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