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Gov. Mark Dayton: ‘I’m conscious of the diversity factor’

Ethnic and gender diversity are factors Gov. Mark Dayton will take into consideration to fill two upcoming vacant seats on the Minnesota Supreme Court, reported the Associated Press.

“I’m conscious of the diversity factor,” Dayton told reporters at a national gathering of American Indian tribal leaders. “I’m also conscious that when Justice Wright departs there will be only one woman, the chief justice at that point. That’s also a consideration.”

AP also reported that the two departing justices, Alan Page and Wilhelmina Wright, are the court’s sole African Americans.  According to the same source, the application period closed yesterday for Justice Page’s seat.

Justice at Stake believes that diversity on the bench improves the quality of justice and builds faith and confidence in the legitimacy of the courts. You can learn more from the JAS web page on the topic.

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