We Are ‘Helping Other Iowans Solve Disputes,” IA Chief Justice Says

cady1-300x224Chief Justice Mark Cady of the Iowa Supreme Court sat down for an interview with the Newton Daily News, in advance of the court’s hearing arguments at the local high school. The court has held sessions around the state to inform the public about the judiciary and its workings, Cady said:

“We are Iowans helping other Iowans solve disputes. A lot of questions are addressed are, how is it that you relate to us? Coming out into the communities and having our court hearings in their communities help explain how we function in everyone’s lives.”

Cady will stand for retention (up-or-down) election next year. He was the author of a court opinion in 2009  that found it unconstitutional to deny civil marriage to same-sex couples. The following year, three Iowa justices were removed by voters in a retention election. Cady was asked by the Newtown Daily News what he expects to see next year. Here is part of his answer:

“You’re not going to see me campaigning or raising money. Do I have a constitutional right to do so? Yes I do. … But, I’m not going to compromise my standards even in the event that someone might want to come in and … try to take me out or use that for some advantage for them. I’m going to keep doing my work, and I think our court will continue to do what we do.”