Gavel Grab

Resources of the Justice at Stake Campaign and Justice at Stake

The Justice at Stake Campaign publishes Gavel Grab, a news blog dedicated to covering the latest developments in the fair-courts field.  The Justice at Stake Campaign and its affiliated organization, Justice at Stake, are committed to providing valuable resources on the importance of keeping our courts fair and impartial.

Justice at Stake offers the following materials:

Publications: Justice at Stake is the author of several publications intended to educate the public on the issues our court system faces every year. These range from reports discussing diversity on the bench, attacks on the independence of the judicial branch and the influx of money that now pervades judicial elections. To learn more about JAS publications, click here.

Public Opinion Polls: Since 2001, Justice at Stake has conducted public opinion polls on topics of public financing, merit selection, judicial impeachment and support for court reforms.  See Justice at Stake’s website for the latest public opinion polls and findings.

Press Releases: Justice at Stake prides itself on keeping up-to-date resources and statements for journalists and others on issues in America’s courtrooms. We have published a number of press releases addressing one of the most significant issues in law and politics today which can be found in the Newsroom on the Justice at Stake website.

Eyes on Justice: Justice at Stake’s electronic newsletter is released to subscribers on a biweekly basis, and provides updates on key stories impacting state and federal courts.

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