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Comeback Time for Warren McGraw?

Observers of judicial elections know the name Warren McGraw.  He was the outspoken justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court who was targeted for defeat by business interests in the 2004 elections (one of the leaders of the campaign to defeat McGraw has been in the news again recently).  At the time we observed that McGraw endured the most negative race of the 2004 cycle; it was so negative it turned up on the front page of the Sunday New York Times about a week before election day.  ”They’ve absolutely destroyed me,” McGraw told the Times.  Now comes word that four years later McGraw is planning a comeback: he has filed to run for an open seat for circuit court judge in Wyoming County, West Virginia.  No word on an opponent.

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JAS Daily News Monitor 12/13/07

UN rights expert ‘concerned’ about judicial safeguards at Guantanamo hearings – JURIST
In a report to the UN Human Rights Council, UN rights expert expresses concern over “lack of judicial guarantees and fair trial procedures”.

CIA Destroyed Tapes Despite Court Order – The Associated Press
Judges, lawyers and the Administration are figuring out what the legal ramifications of the destruction of videotape evidence, despite a federal court order, will be.

Clark County deserves better than this judge – The Yakima Herald Republic – Yakima, WA
The Editorial Board calls for the Washington State Supreme Court to go beyond censuring Clark County Superior Court Judge John P. Wulle for his inappropriate behavior at a conference.

State Partial news blackout a part of Mott campaign – The Daily Review – Towanda, PA
The Editorial Board examines Judge John Mott’s unsuccessful retention campaign and the media opposition he faced.

Wis. Court Fails to Decide Case – The Associated Press
After Justice Annette Ziegle recused herself to avoid a conflict of interest in a case involving one of her campaign contributors, the Supreme Court had a tie vote and sent the case to the lower court to be decided.

Click here for more news on fair and impartial courts issues from the Brennan Center for Justice E-lerts.

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