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4/11/08: Justice at Stake in the Economist

Torts and courts – The Economist
A look at the Wisconsin Supreme Court election and a call for change. With a special Justice at Stake cameo.

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3/13/08: What the Blogs are Saying Today

More Texas Supreme Court Justices In Hot Water Over Political Expenditures – Capitol Annex
The Texas Supreme Court could not stay quiet for long. New controversy around campaign fund allocation.

Judiciary Proposes $475 Million Budget Increase for ’09 – The Blog of Legal Times
The Federal Judiciary have proposed a huge budget increase for FY 2009 largely dedicated to court staff benefits.

Arkansas Supreme Court Upholds Judicial Supervision of Buddhist Temple Election – Religion Clause
Interesting decision in the Arkansas State Supreme Court involving the separation of Church and State.

FISA Fight: House Judiciary members reject amnesty – Daily KOS
The House says NO to amnesty amendment.

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Bah Humbug! December’s Courthouse Scrooges

Can you guess who crossed the Constitution’s checks and balances off their gift list this year? Click below to find out who are this season’s Scroogiest court-bashers.

1) “…We are living in an America that has suffered from 47 years of a judicial war against American freedom of religion.”

2) “this [Presidential] election should be about and must be about our “Two Supreme Courts” — one that puts America and Americans first, and the other that doesn’t. Because in our ongoing War on Terror, the latter Supreme Court could be our most dangerous enemy, not to mention the most powerful friend the terrorists have.”

3) “The Ninth Circuit is notoriously hostile to religion, so it may give us another anti-Pledge decision. Atheism has spread in influence to where it controls many federal courts, many public schools, and now even Hollywood, with the atheistic movie “The Golden Compass” promoted for Christmastime entertainment….The results in these cases point the way for Congress to save the Pledge of Allegiance: withdraw jurisdiction from the Courts over acknowledgment-of-God cases such as by passing the We the People Act”

And just in time for your Christmas shopping…

4) Help! Mom! The Ninth Circuit Nabbed the Nativity
The Christmas installment of the popular “HELP! MOM!” series pokes fun at liberal Scrooges who spoil everyone’s Christmas fun.

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