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5/14/08: The Best Place for Judicial News Coverage

Immigration raid in Iowa largest ever in US – The Associated Press
A Meatpacking plant in Iowa was subject to this large scale raid. Almost 400 people were arrested on immigration violations in this raid.
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4/9/08: The JAS News

State Supreme Court sides with insurance companies – The New Orleans Picayune-Times
Levees breaking do not fall under insurance claims according to the Louisiana high court.
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4/4/08: Around the Blogoshpere and Remembering Dr. King

U.S. immigration raids violated constitution: suit – Talk Left
More information and analysis on the Seaton Hall Law Center’s suit against the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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4/4/08: The JAS News

U.S. immigration raids violated constitution: suit – Reuters
Reuters reports about a lawsuit against the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency’s raiding of illegal immigrants and it being constitutionality.

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JAS Daily News Monitor 12/10/07

Supreme Court to Review Courts’ Wartime Reach – The New York Times
The U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear Munaf v. Geren and Secretary of the Army v. Omar, both examining the U.S. federal courts role in preventing military officers from turing over U.S. citizens to Iraqi officials.

Republican lawmaker cries foul as Supreme Court drafts a redistricting plan – The Wisconsin State Journal
As Wisconsin considers rewriting legislative voting districts, conflicts arise between the state Supreme Court, the Republican-led Assembly and the Democratic-led Senate.

Is just one race out of 37 doing justice? – The O.C. Register
Approximately one third of Orange County’s judicial seats are up for election in 2008 but only one is being considered a real race.

Judge Wulle censured by commission – The Columbian
Washington state’s Clark County Superior Court Judge John Wulle was censured Friday for “demeaning, offensive and shocking” behavior at a training conference last year.

Ariz. Immigration Law Challenge Tossed – The Associated Press
U.S. District Judge Neil V. Wake throws out a lawsuit seeking to stop a new immigration law from going into effect on January 1.

Illinois Supreme Court to post oral arguments on Web – The Associated Press
The Illinois Supreme Court announces they plan to broadcast oral arguments on their website starting next month.

Click here for more news on fair and impartial courts issues from the Brennan Center for Justice E-lerts.

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