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The Boumediene Decision has Come Down, Plus Others

The Boumediene Decision has gone down with a 5-4 split favoring the Guantanamo detainees right to challenge their detention in federal courts. Here is an article from the Washington Post discussing the decision.

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, Judge Sharon Lee, of the Tennessee Court of Appeals, has decided to throw her hat in the race for the vacant seat of recently retired Chief Justice William Barker. Interested persons have until June 20th to place their name in the hate for the Judicial Nominating Commission. Applications are low because of Tennessee’s nominating plan ending on July 1, 2009.

Finally, in Washington State, The Olympian, has an editorial encouraging the Supreme Court candidates to sign a pledge to “promote a fair, independent and impartial judiciary,” by abstaining from negative campaigning. The group who has put forth this pledge is the The Washington Committee for Ethical Judicial Campaigns, which is similar to the Wisconsin Judicial Campaign Integrity Committee that was prominent during their 2008 election.

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4/8/08: The Return of the Blog Watch

America’s Next Top Justice? – Above the Law
ATL blog speculates who will be nominated next for the Supremes.

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4/9/08: The JAS News

Elections for Judges Are Getting Nastier – US News & World Report
More national attention on the bitter judicial election races around the country with a focus on the Wisconsin Supreme Court election from last week.

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3/24/08: Wisconsin, Mississippi, and Federal Judges Deserve Raises

Justice for Sale – The Wall Street Journal
James Sample with an editorial in the Wall Street Journal on the state of judicial elections in this country with a discussion onRead more…

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3/21/08: The #1 Spot for Judicial News

Open Supreme Court to television cameras – The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
An editorial arguing that Read more…

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3/19/08: What the Media's Saying Today (Including Video)

Appeals court sends Guantanamo detainee’s case back to federal court for review – Law Blog – The North County Times
A Federal Appellate Court judge, who usually decides against the detainees at Guantanamo, has sided with one and will allow a retrial in the case of Ahmed Belbacha.

Court Weighs Right to Guns, and Its Limits – The New York Times
The Supremes look like they are gearing up to overturn the DC handgun ban law.

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3/12/08: What You Have All Been Waiting For…

U.S.: Time to act is now on detainee case – SCOTUS blog
The Justice Department have issued a warning to the Supreme Court over the fate of detainees at Guantanamo.

Rulings on Judge Complaints to Be Public – Red Tape Blog
A blog post arguing for a change in the Michigan Supreme Court election system.

Wisconsin court race gets fact checked – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Blog
Wisconsin, have no fear, is here.

Ohio Supreme Court Races Like “Groundhog Day” – Ohio Daily Blog
This blog post points out how Ohio still has not learned from the last Supreme Court election.

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3/12/08: The News According to Justice at Stake

Rulings on Judge Complaints to Be Public – The Associated Press
Federal Judge complaint rulings will now be made public courtesy of the Judicial Conference of America’s decision yesterday.

Minnesota’s chief justice says he will retire in coming months
– The West Central Tribune

Minnesota’s Chief Justice Retire from his seat in a few months.

Editorial: Supreme Court candidates could blow whistle on crass outside ads – The Northwestern
An editorial suggesting that the candidates in this year’s Wisconsin Supreme Court race should say no to outside ads.

Butler calls out ‘sleazy’ attacks – The Badger Herald
Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate, Louis Butler, hits back at 3rd party attack ads aimed against him.

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3/11/08 – A New Fight in the FISA Case, And Much More!

House Democrats Defy White House On Spy Program – The Wall Street Journal
House democrats are creating their own law for wiretapping without providing immunity for telecommunication companies. Stay tuned.

US: Move New Guantanamo Cases to Federal Courts – Human Rights Watch
New terrorism trials are being moved to federal courts.

Monitoring group says attack ad denigrates Wisconsin judges – The Gazette Xtra
The Wisconsin Judicial Campaign Integrity Committee has come down hard an attack ad against Judge Gableman in the Wisconsin Supreme Court battle.

Judging judges THUMBS UP, THUMBS DOWN – The Republican
Editorial saying thanks to Mass. Supreme Court Chief Justice Margaret H. Marshall for creating programs to hold judges accountable.

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