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5/30/08: The Blogs React to Ziegler's Reprimand

A Slap On The Wrist – Big Money Blog
The folks at the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign feel that the punishment on Ziegler was not hard enough.

Ziegler decision just right – Shark and Shepherd
And the folks at Shark and Shepherd feel the punishment was sufficient.

Chavez on Judicial Nominations – Confirm Them
Linda Chavez has a discussion on Federal Judicial Nominations.

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5/30/08: Ziegler Reprimanded, Kitchens Runs a Different Campaign in Mississippi

Ex-prosecutors embrace courts for terror cases – The Associated Press
An argument for the courts to try suspected terrorists.

Wis. Supreme Court reprimands one of its own – The Chicago Tribune
The Wisconsin Supreme Court reprimanded Justice Annette Ziegler for judicial ethics violations. The first time in Wisconsin Supreme Court’s history that they have reprimanded a sitting justice.

Justices Show Ability To Move to the Center – The Washington Post
The Roberts’ Court are centrists?

Kitchens running on judiciary campaign reform – ACS Blog
Mississippi Supreme Court candidate, Jim Kitchens, is running a different type of judicial campaign.

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5/21/08: What the Media is Saying

Judge’s resignation leaves questions – The Boston Globe
A peculiar development in the resignation, or lack their of, for a Federal court judge..

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4/2/08: Wisconsin Election Results

Update: Gableman wins Supreme Court race – The Wisconsin State Journal
Congratulations to Judge Michael Gableman on winning the Wisconsin Supreme Court election last night.

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3/13/08: What the Blogs are Saying Today

More Texas Supreme Court Justices In Hot Water Over Political Expenditures – Capitol Annex
The Texas Supreme Court could not stay quiet for long. New controversy around campaign fund allocation.

Judiciary Proposes $475 Million Budget Increase for ’09 – The Blog of Legal Times
The Federal Judiciary have proposed a huge budget increase for FY 2009 largely dedicated to court staff benefits.

Arkansas Supreme Court Upholds Judicial Supervision of Buddhist Temple Election – Religion Clause
Interesting decision in the Arkansas State Supreme Court involving the separation of Church and State.

FISA Fight: House Judiciary members reject amnesty – Daily KOS
The House says NO to amnesty amendment.

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3/13/08: The News, According to Justice at Stake

Guantanamo trial delayed amid prisoner’s protests – The Los Angeles Times
The trial for Mohammed Kamin will be postponed for a few months due to his protest of the charges.

N.M. Supreme Court removes judge – The Alamagordo Daily News
Judge J. Wayne Griego has been removed for his seat due to a ticket-fixing scandal.

Editorial: Anderson’s retirement is a loss for the state – West Central Tribune
More commentary on Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, stepping down. Russell also wants a change in the Minnesota judicial elections system.

Retired High Court Justice O’Connor Says Judges Need Higher Pay – Fulton County Daily Report
Justice O’Connor, at Georgia State University, speaks that all judges need should get pay raises.

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3/10/08: The Welcome Back News Monitoring Edition

Justices decry outside campaign ads– Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Campaign ads are causing a furor in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race.

Minnesotans should elect judges, county GOP says– Bemidji Pioneer
A Minnesota GOP official would like to see judicial elections and that their must be a change in the laws

Chief federal judge investigated for alleged involvement with prostitutes– Channel 9 News – Colorado
A Colorado Federal Judge and NY Governor Elliot Spitzer may have the same problems today.

Judgment: Not fair– The News & Observer
Editorial on discussing the ruling in North Carolina.

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2/8/08 – MD Judge Faces Impeachment, NJ Judge Swears Too Much, Grisham Gets Bashed for WV Comparison, MS Wants Best of Both Worlds

Lawmaker eyes judge’s removal over rape case – The Washington Times
Delegate Patrick L. McDonough, Baltimore County Republican, moved to impeach Montgomery County Judge Katherine D. Savage for her decision to dismiss charges against a suspected rapist due to the courts inability to find an interpreter for the suspect.

Judge Charged With Misconduct For F Word – North County Gazette
The Committee on Judicial Misconduct has filed a formal complaint against County Superior Court Judge F. Michael Giles for allegedly swearing at an attorney appearing before him in court.

CALA blasts Grisham over W.Va. comments about his new book – The West Virginia Record
West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse is blasting John Grisham for comments he made comparing his new book “The Appeal” to the situation in West Virginia during the 2004 State Supreme Court elections.

Hybrid systems will increase the odds of trustworthy courts – The Vicksburg Post
This editorial argues that while all judicial election systems have their downsides, a hybrid of merit selection and elections is the most fair and least flawed approach.

Click here for more news on fair and impartial courts issues from the Brennan Center for Justice E-lerts.

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2/4/08: Rule 1: Don't Donate to Candidates, Judge; The Difficulty of Trying Terrorism Cases in the Trial Court; Mississippi's Chief Justice Wants to End Elections

JUDICIAL ETHICS: “Judge’s donation might violate code” HERALD LEADER– Kentucky Law Review
A judge may be in hot water over a campaign contribution he made.

Judge Brinkema on the Adequacy of Trying Terrorists in District Court– Balkinization
Marty Lederman looks at a conference that took place on Friday that discussed the difficulty of trying terrorism and the courts.

Expensive Judicial Races Worry Experts– ACS Blog
Mississippi’s Supreme Court Chief Justice wants to see an end to the elections of judges, and would rather see appointments.

No Recusal– Legal Profession Blog
The Maine Supreme Court have have upheld the denial of the recusal .

Senate crack/powder sentencing hearing later this month– Sentencing Law and Policy
A hearing will take place with the Senate Judiciary Committee on the crack/powder sentencing disparity on February 12th.

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1/28/08: The Never Ending Recusal Saga in W. Virginia Takes a New Turn; News from Texas;

More Recusal Requests at the West Virginia Supreme Court – Law Blog – Wall Street Journal
More fallout from the recusal scandal in West Virginia as more companies, who’s appeals are being heard by the West Virginia Supremes, are asking for Justice’s recusals.

The Supreme Court’s Approval Ratings and the Legitimacy of Judicial Review: – The Volokh Conspiracy
The Volokh Conspiracy continues on their discussion on the power of the courts.

Impeach Judge Hanson? – Waxing America
Insight into who is funding who in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election.

Texas Justice – ACS Blog
A new turn in the Texas?

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