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New Eyes on Justice Released

Justice at Stake has released its newest issue of Eyes On Justice, a biweekly electronic newsletter on issues affecting fair and impartial courts. Topics included in this new edition of Eyes on Justice are:

  • Justice at Stake’s poll on recusal.
  • Interview with ABA Oresident H. Thomas “Tommy” Wells Jr.
  • A new study linking campaign contributions to judicial decisions.
  • A New York Times editorial urging impeachment of Texas Judge Sharon Keller
  • A U.S. federal court decision to allow Wisconsin judges to engage in partisan activities.
  •  Editorials calling for the release of the Uighurs from Guantanamo

Click here to read this week’s edition of Eyes on Justice. To subcribe to Eyes on Justice, click here.

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U.S. Judge Orders Some Detainees Freed

District court judge Ricardo M. Urbina ordered the release of a small number of Chinese muslims, known as Uighurs, from Guantanamo Bay today.  

As we’ve previously mentioned here at Gavel Grab, the Uighurs had been in custody for nearly seven years and have been cleared for release since 2004, but no nation could be found to take them in and the Bush Administration has opposed allowing them to enter the United States.  

The current order would allow the Uighurs to enter the U.S.It’s presently unclear if Hufaiza Parhat (read more Gavel Grab posts about him here) is one of the prisoners to be released, but since he was a member of the group of Uighurs, it’s likely that he is. You can read more about it from ABC News here, and in previous gavel grab posts here.

Update from JAS Staff member Jason Barrett:

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