Gavel Grab

JAS Daily News Monitor 12/19/07

U.S. judge orders hearing on destroyed CIA videos – Reuters
U.S. District Court Judge Henry Kennedy schedules a hearing for Friday to investigate whether or not the Administration violated a court order by destroying CIA videos.

Judge: US Must Hold Hearings on Gitmo – The Associated Press
Military judge Navy Capt. Keith Allred ruled that the U.S. Courts must determine whether detainees are prisoners of war or unlawful enemy combatants, and that the decision can not be made solely through the military review process.

Ethics panel needs to let the public in – The Kansas City Star
The Editorial Board responds to The Missouri Ethics Commission and their closed door hearings on campaign finance reform.

Committee schedules another meeting on judge ethics – The Associated Press
Vermont’s The Judicial Conduct Committee will hold a special closed door hearing on Thursday regarding Superior Court Judge Patricia Coffey’s ethics violations.

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